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Dressing up in Daisies

January 04, 2012

There's a new It Girl in town...say hello to Sky Ferreira.

18 year-old Sky Ferreira is an underground LA singer and IMG model who has recently taken the fashion world by storm. I fell in love with her when she first appeared in H&M's "fashion against aids" campaign, and then shortly after, hundreds of pictures of her began flooding my tumblr dashboard. It was then that I realized, I'm not the only one obsessed with this girl.

Her style is complete and total perfection. From her thrown on oversized men's button-ups to her ripped up fishnets and beat up boots, Sky embodies that entire "cool girl" vibe. There's literally nothing better to me than a girl who looks like she just rolled out of bed and couldn't give two shits if her hair is in the right place or her outfits matches itself. It's the idea of being perfectly imperfect that she does so well. Sky's look is so rock n' roll and like none I have ever seen before. She has become a main style inspiration of mine, and I can't wait to see all the future looks she is bound to rock.

xoxo, Audrey

January 19, 2011

Shhh! Keeping secrets isn't all Lucy Hale can do!

Im going to be honest, 70% of the reason why I watch Pretty Little Liars is to see what Aria, or Lucy Hale, is wearing! The adorable actress is always rocking edgy but pretty ensembles, with perfect hair and makeup to match. Lucy also sings, making her a triple threat! I just love the way she manages to look rocker chic with dark colors and studded accessories. She's fashion forward in a personal and very pretty way. On or off screen, this girl has style! xx, Lillian

January 16, 2011

I'm going to marry my Tumblr.

Check it out: http://audrey-stardust.tumblr.com/

...and if you have a tumblr leave the link in the comments so I can follow you! :)

xoxo, Audrey

January 02, 2011

One year anniversary for Dressing Up In Daisies:)

Long time no see!!..or write, I guess I should say... Anyway, I have been in Texas for nearly all of my Christmas break visiting my family and I didn't get back until a few days ago. I got some awesome Christmas gifts and did some MAJOR shopping that I can't wait to tell you guys about! (I have a million style diaries, stories, and purchases to share!!) It's been nice to rest and relax over the past few days, but now I'm ready to get back into the groove and start blogging regularly again! Yay!

Today is a particularly special day for Dressing Up In Daisies because it marks the exactly one year anniversary of my very first post ever!! I can't believe it's already been a whole year since I started up this blog just for a fun experiment- and now 310 posts, a new co-editor, endless outfits, photos, floods of inspiration, and 146 followers later, I'm addicted to blogging!

I absolutely love hearing your feedback, comments, questions, and criticism about Dressing Up In Daisies! It helps Lillian and I know what to post more of, and gives us a good idea of what kind of direction for DUID to go in during the upcoming year. Since today marks the start of a new year, and the one anniversary of this blog, feel free to leave a comment letting us now if you are enjoying what we're doing here! Like I said, we really appreciate it!:)

I would also like to take this time to thank all of our fabulous followers and readers! We would be no where without you guys so thank you for taking the time to follow us at some point over the past year!

I hope you all have a wonderful time finishing up holiday festivities! Cheers to another year of fashion, glamour, and inspiration!xx

xoxo, Audrey

November 26, 2010

Go check out my Tumblr! And follow my (sort of) new Twitter!

So I honestly have no idea what I'm doing yet...I just got a tumblr like five seconds ago. I thought it would be a cool way to find/share inspiration and awesome pictures, quotes, etc! Do any of you have Tumblrs?? What do you think of it? You can follow mine here: http://xoxoaudreystardust.tumblr.com/

xoxo, Audrey

P.S. I also decided to hookup Dressing Up In Daisies to my personal twitter acccount @audreystardust and delete my old one @DUIDfashionblog. So if you followed my other account, be sure to go follow @audreystardust instead! Thanks!

November 13, 2010

Remember this episode of The Rachel Zoe Project???

I specifically remember sitting on the floor at Lillian's house and watching this episode of The Rachel Zoe Project where Rachel styles a spread for Love magazine(above). Lillian and I almost had a heart attack watching Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski run around with leotards, fur coats, and big, huge tranny heels for the gorgeous model, Ginta Lapina. It was definitely an "I DIE!" moment for the both of us. I mean really: Bridget Bardot inspired hair, eyeliner for days, lots of leopard, leotards, and fur. What more could you ask for???

So yesterday I was sitting on my couch watching Rachel Zoe reruns(even though I have seen every episode a minimum of seven times already) when the episode with this shoot came on! This sparked an idea in my head: I bet the magazine has already been released..I should go look it up. And so I did.

The images, as you can see above, are absolutely gorgeous. Rachel did such a fantastic job styling this fall 2010 editorial! It's so effortless and glamorous- all at the same time! Very Rachel Zoe!

xoxo, Audrey

November 04, 2010

This...is amazing.

Nothing is really better than a little New York street style..*sigh* just looking at this picture makes my mind automatically plan an escape route of how to hitchhike all the way to New York before college. Believe me, I will if I have to.

I was recently looking up street style on the internet, and I realized I've neglected to update my album (http://dressingupindaisies.onsugar.com/Sensational-Street-Style-8290985) in quite some time! Shame on me.. I promise to add lots of new pictures that I found this weekend!

xoxo, Audrey

June 26, 2010

A Slab of Cardboard: The Beginning of an Artistic Adventure

For those of you big-time designers in the making (like me!) you understand that there's a lot more to being a designer than just sewing garment after garment and producing amazing pieces out of nothing.  No matter what you make, it must first be inspired by something. Whether it's a song, a feeling, a person, a place, a photo, a decade, a dream, a painting, or anything in between- all artists or designers are inspired before they start creating. Being inspired isn't something that you can go out on a quest for, it just sort of happens out of the blue. It can be in the most obvious or the most unexpected form imaginable. The process of being inspired is just as magical as the actual creating process.

Not only do I have the passion for being a designer, but my best friend, Lillian, also does. She is granted with a huge imagination and an incredible talent for the art of design. We work spectacularly together, so we thought, “Why not create a collection together?” We've been brainstorming and throwing out ideas for about a month now for the collection. Today, we put together an inspiration board of the general direction we want to take with this. We still don't have a firm direction- but hey, we're getting there:). Below are some pictures of our inspiration board. I encourage you to make inspiration boards of your own if you ever are in need of inspiration, or simply want a way to express your creative energy. I wanted to share Lillian and my board with all of you fellow aspiring designers, or others who are interested in any other type of creating or have a passion for the arts. Check it out!



June 18, 2010

An Outfit Inspired by Edie Sedgwick<3

May 27, 2010

The Fashion Funeral of Alexander McQueen

For school I was assigned to write a descriptive essay about anything I wanted, so I chose to write about the final collection of Alexander McQueen. I'm deeply fascinated by his incredible talent, and I'm sure most of you are too! So here is my essay I wrote that gives a more inside view of the actual event of McQueen's last collection.

On March 9, 2010 a group of privately invited editors filed into a small, intricate, baroque, room to view an unfinished collection that contained only sixteen pieces.  Countless of other people who were not invited to the actual event in Paris sat in their homes glued to their computers or their blackberry screens to view the collection that would become forever engrained into their minds.  It was the runway show of a lifetime, and after almost a month of painful mourning, the world was finally ready to witness the walking funeral of Alexander McQueen.

As the editors anxiously watched while the models glided down the runway, opera music was eerily playing in the background to compliment the tribute.  The whole room felt heavy and as if it was being dunked thirty feet underwater and couldn’t breathe, for fear that reality might finally sink in. The reality was, of course, that the man that had blessed the fashion world with his craft for over fifteen years was gone, but with sixteen beautiful pieces left behind.

Like any career, McQueen’s had its ups and its downs, its controversy and its praise.  This collection, however, was nothing but awed and worshipped.  The clothing was impeccably made and perfectly crafted out of lush, silky, rich, fabrics that look like they were sewn by angels.  It was almost as if McQueen had been aware that the end of the life of his body was near, so he made sure to create the perfect closing chapter for his journey of creations.  The editors’ minds were being flown to a world of imagination. Displayed in front of their eyes was one of the most talented designer in the world’s open and exposed diary in clothing form.

In his designs, Alexander was famous for mixing the ugly with the beautiful, the romantic with the tailored, and the outrageous with the classic.  He was also famous for taking risks and designing insane fashion.  This collection surely showed his aesthetic of fearlessness, but it displayed his imagination in such a way that really showed off his extraordinary talent and skill.  Onlookers could clearly see that McQueen made this collection to not hold back in any sense.  McQueen was inspired by the Dark Ages, but he pulled out and recreated delicate beauty and light from the darker times.   He took heaven, hell, and medieval beauty, and displayed it in such a way to tug at the hearts and souls of many people in such an oh-so-McQueen nature of handcrafted, romantic, and tailored intricacy.

The whisper of the models’ shoes click clacking on the floor under the opera music could only help to compliment the pull-and-push factor of the designs.  The presence and vibe of the room felt slightly uneasy, but in a balanced and appropriate manner.  The best of the light and the dark was shown in an amazing way that not even the highly prestigious fashion editors had seen before.  The un-spoken of fact that McQueen must have had the same night and day, love and hate tug-of-war going back and forth in his own heart and mind was more obvious than the sweet smell of daisies in a flower field.

Alexander McQueen once called himself the “pink sheep” of his family, but most people would probably go as far as to say that he was the pink sheep of the fashion world too.  Never having limits or boundaries, he pushed and pushed himself until the boundary line was a dot far back in the distance that he couldn’t even see.  With every look that walked down the runway, McQueen reminded the world of his success and talent, and also of his immense ability to inspire millions of people who watched his journey of becoming a fashion superstar.  No one, not even the privately invited editors, knew exactly what was going on in McQueen’s mind on that tragic day on February eleventh.  But, what was made obvious in the minds of all the editors in Paris, and all of the people twiddling away on their blackberries at home, was that Alexander McQueen’s clothing goes deeper than just a few pretty gowns.  He made a serious, positive impact on the world of fashion during the years he was involved in the industry.  On March 9, 2010 a group of privately invited editors filed out of a small, intricate, baroque, room in Paris with the knowledge that although the man himself, Alexander McQueen, was gone, his creativity, imagination, and genius outlook on the world of fashion and art will forever be kept alive through his clothing. May you rest in peace, Mr. Alexander McQueen.

(Here you can get a closer look at some of the looks: http://dressingupindaisies.onsugar.com/Alexander-McQueen-2010RTW-Highlig... )



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