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Dressing up in Daisies

September 28, 2011

Amen to that.

From the 2003 Fall issue of Nylon. Couldn't possibly get me any more excited for this season.

xoxo, Audrey

September 27, 2011

It's finally sweater season!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Forever 21
Free People
Free People
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

As of four days ago, it is officially my favorite season for fashion: fall!! This means that it's time to put away your swimsuits and shorts and break out your sweaters and boots instead! I've scoured some of my favorite stores and picked out a few adorable sweaters that I'm dying to wear this season! God they look so comfy!!
xoxo, Audrey

December 20, 2010

Top 4 things I have my eye on to snatch up during post-xmas sales!

Okay so this is kinda bad, but I'll just admit it: It's not even Christmas yet and I'm already planning out what I'm going to do with the money I get. C'mon, we all have those relatives that have no clue what to get us from year to year so they just give us a wad of cash. And don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it at all! It's awesome being able to just go out and buy what ever the heck you want! So, I'm going to list some of the things I've had my eye out for and will probably snatch up during some fabulous post-Christmas sales:


1. I think it's time I invest in a really nice bag...and what better than a Henri Bendel bag. I'm having a bit of a dilemma though- do I get a classic bag that I can carry every day and will go with everything, or do I get a more signature "Henri Bendel" bag that is to-die-for-adorable with a super cute print? I'm leaning much more towards the second option because I'm like: okay, if I want a classic bag I can go to H&M and get one for $30. If I'm going to spend that much money at Henri Bendel on a bag, I think it should be to-die-for-adorable, and something that I couldn't get anywhere else! And oh my goodness, the options I have:).... Thoughts??

2. I'm so in love with these Minnetonka ankle boots. I just have this image of me breaking them in this spring with a short little floral dress and the smell of Marc Jacobs Daisy sprayed on my wrists. Perfection. ♥ I NEED these.

3. Dude's sweaters. You can only comprehend the greatness if you've experienced one. I need more. Now.

4. I cannot wait for Johnny Weir's autobiography that comes out on January 11th! It's bound to be hilarious, fabulous, fearless, entertaining, and just about everything in between! He's a man with style that I admire so much! And not only does he have style in regarding his clothing, but he also has style in regarding who he is as a person. His limits are pretty much non-existent, which is something I always admire in a person; and he has such an inspiring, fresh outlook on the world. I can't wait for January 11th so I can go spend my X-mas money on the lovely Mr. Johnny Weir.


That pretty much wraps up the things that my mind has come up with so far that I'm going to spend my Christmas money on. I'm sure plenty of new things will pop into my head between now and Christmas that my mind will tell me I "absolutely HAVE to have". Ugh. The way my mind works sometimes is so annoying..

I'm actually leaving for Dallas in the middle of this week to stay there for Christmas! I heard they have really good shopping there, so..yay! This means I probably won't be blogging for about eight days...but maybe I will. It sort of just depends on the internet access. I'll definitely be tumblin' stuff around on my tumblr so be sure to follow: http://xoxoaudreystardust.tumblr.com/! Anyway, I hope you all have very lovely, fabulous, fashionable holidays! And please ladies and gentlemen- no Christmas sweaters. K?

xoxo, Audrey

November 06, 2010

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters at Urban Outfitters!

Urban Outfitters always brings the cutest sweaters that work for everyone (and every budget!) With so many styles and colors, you'll stay warm and look fabulous. Check out some of my favorites and head on over to Urban Outfitters!

xx, Lillian


September 01, 2010

Big. Chunky. Knits.~A definite fall essential

We have hit September!!! Yess!! My jacket, layering, and boot-loving self is cheering quite eagerly for the upcoming season of fall. And yes, I'm aware it's still 95 degrees outside, but at least the month title "September" makes me seem a bit less ridiculous when all I want to do it make posts about sweaters and boots, right?? I'm just soo in love with the season of fall because it's just the right amount of cold where you don't have to look like you just got off of a ski left to stay warm, but you can certainly break out all of your favorite jackets to wear! So, when I begin posting cold-weather clothes like a mad man(..or "woman" for that matter) over the next couple of weeks, don't say you weren't warned:).

Which brings me to the first thing I am excited about for fall! Big chunky knits! We saw them all over the runways for fall 2010 from everywhere from Michael Kors to Thakoon, and now they are hitting all of the stores! The way I see it, a big knitted sweater is the stylish way to getting away with leaving the house with a warm blanket wrapped around you. They are so warm and cozy, but they look chic and effortless at the same time! What more could a girl want??

Like I said, you can find chunky knits pretty much anywhere you go once it gets cold enough outside. I've noticed that lately (for a cheaper option) Express has had some really fantastic cardigans and sweaters. I even got one for myself! And, (for a higher-end option) of course no one does knits like Missoni. I'm so excited to go stock up on these warm essentials for the upcoming months!!

xoxo, Audrey

Express Link: http://www.express.com/sweaters-20.cat?Mcat=20&Mcatp=cat_2&Mpos=1&Mppg=0...


Here are is all of the details about the knits, clock-wise from left to right.
1.Asymmetrical Cropped Pullover: $375 - lagarconne.com
2. Preen Line Moss wool-blend cardigan: $790 - net-a-porter.com
3. Knit Pullover: $1,365 - lagarconne.com
4. Knitted Pointelle Crop Jumper: $70 - topshop.com
5. Clare Tough Chunky-knit wool cardigan: $965 - net-a-porter.com
6. Missoni Brasilia Lurex-knit wrap jacket: $1,115 - net-a-porter.com
7. Pringle of Scotland Draped wool cardigan: $1,395 - net-a-porter.com

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