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Dressing Up In Daisies

A 17 year old girl gives her insight on the world of fashion, art, and anything worth talking about.
April 18, 2011
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Fabulous or Faux Pas: Flatforms?? (flat + platform)

One of the biggest trends for spring 2011 is the mash-up of a flat and a platform. Everyone from Christian Louboutin, to Marc Jacobs, to Prada has made them..and surprisingly, they have been flying off the shelves! So what is the fascination with these bulky, slightly awkward "flatforms"? I'm guessing they must be wildly comfortable, and they do look sort of cute with short spring-y dresses and shorts...but the flatform fad just comes across sort of puzzling to me.. What do you think??

xoxo, Audrey

January 15, 2011
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Fabulous or Faux Pas: denim on denim?

Denim and chambray are both huge trends for spring 2011! Trendsetters are beginning to pair denim on denim to create effortless, chic daytime looks. What do you think of this denim on denim craze: fabulous or faux pas??

xoxo, Audrey

November 06, 2010
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Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW Highlights

Gold glitter platforms, loose maxi-dresses, high-waisted silk pants, and a psychedelic color palette- all making up one of my favorite Marc Jacobs collections of all time.

This season Marc Jacobs took a total 180 from last season's collection, with exciting, lively, and 70's inspired pieces. I am in love with the glamorous easiness of this collection. The girls all look so amazing and electric, but they still have that 70's laid-back attitude. Marc mentioned, "I was at Naomi Campbell's birthday party in Cannes and all the girls wore these long dresses, and after dancing all night they hitched them up to the waist."

This collection obviously took its inspiration from the type of girls he encountered in Cannes: Girls that wanted to go out and have fun, and wear something that is just as glamorous and fabulous as they were. Thank God playfulness is back this season! I can't stand it when fashion trends get in too much of a "classic" rut. Leave it to Marc Jacobs to bring something new and daring to the fashion world after a season of seeing far too many camel sweaters.

xoxo, Audrey

About me

I started Dressing Up In Daisies about four years ago for the purpose of sharing my opinions, ideas, and personal style on the internet, rather than keeping them bottled up in my head. In my first post on Dressing Up In Daisies, my then thirteen year old self said, “Fashion is about taking risks, and dressing up for yourself, and no one else. Ever since I was two years old, my favorite game to play has been dress up...and it still is. The amazing thing about this game is that you get to play it every single morning, so why not have some fun with it? Wear some massive heels, opt for the leopard coat, throw some daisies in your hair. Whatever your mood is that day.”

This statement is something I continue to stand by, and will for the rest of my existence. I believe it is important to show the world that fashion should celebrate the beauty in risk-taking and oddities, which vastly transcends the limitations of "trends" and other rules often imposed by members of the fashion industry.

I use my blog to connect to the world of fashion that I know I’ll be a part of one day. Feel free to leave comments with feedback, or click the "contact" link above to email me.



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