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Dressing Up In Daisies

A 17 year old girl gives her insight on the world of fashion, art, and anything worth talking about.
March 15, 2010
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Through the Decades: 1920's fashion

The 1920's were a real turning point for women. Corsets and bustles began to be done away with, and this gave designers much more freedom to experiment with different designs, colors, and looks. Women from this time are known for their accessorizing. Hats, hairnets, shoes, handbags, and jewelry were all flashy and coordinated. Hemlines became shorter than ever before. Flapper girls wore dresses at the knee, which was very scandalous at the time. But although hemlines were rising, waistlines were getting lower.

The original black and white pictures from this time do not do the clothing justice. Clothing from the 1920's were bright and vibrant. Pantsuits and canes for women were also becoming very popular. Coco Chanel introduced the first dress made out of jersey-knit, and the first LBD. The "bob" was also introduced for the very first time by actress Louise Brooks, and soon became all the rage.

The 20’s straight silhouette, flashy colors, fur, and feathers still inspire designers today. The girls living at this time were getting more and more independent, which was a major turning point for women in the US. I love 1920's fashion so much! It is so glamorous and fun at the same time. The girls at this time really loved to play dress up.

Designers from this decade:

-Coco Chanel

-Jean Lanvin

-Jean Patou

-Paul Poiret




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Cuteeeeeeeee! :)

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thanks!! i lovee the 20's!:)

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This statement is something I continue to stand by, and will for the rest of my existence. I believe it is important to show the world that fashion should celebrate the beauty in risk-taking and oddities, which vastly transcends the limitations of "trends" and other rules often imposed by members of the fashion industry.

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