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Dressing Up In Daisies

A 17 year old girl gives her insight on the world of fashion, art, and anything worth talking about.
November 04, 2010
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Dare to wear: stripes and florals

Trends lately have been all about mixing and playing with patterns. My favorite way to wear this trend is to mix stripes and florals! I am in love with this look because its really cute and fun, without making you look like a cooky crafty kindergarten teacher.(unlike many other unofrtunate attempts of pattern-mixing..)

The general rules to go by when mixing stripes and florals are to either..

1) Have your top and bottoms have the same general color palette, or..

2) Have either your top or bottom be neutral, with a more exciting color scheme for the remaining garment.

Stripes and florals look so fashion-forward and modern when paired together! What do you think of this trend?

xoxo, Audrey


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I'm loving Stripes with Florals :)!!!! http://annaspassionforfashion.onsugar.com/

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I started Dressing Up In Daisies about four years ago for the purpose of sharing my opinions, ideas, and personal style on the internet, rather than keeping them bottled up in my head. In my first post on Dressing Up In Daisies, my then thirteen year old self said, “Fashion is about taking risks, and dressing up for yourself, and no one else. Ever since I was two years old, my favorite game to play has been dress up...and it still is. The amazing thing about this game is that you get to play it every single morning, so why not have some fun with it? Wear some massive heels, opt for the leopard coat, throw some daisies in your hair. Whatever your mood is that day.”

This statement is something I continue to stand by, and will for the rest of my existence. I believe it is important to show the world that fashion should celebrate the beauty in risk-taking and oddities, which vastly transcends the limitations of "trends" and other rules often imposed by members of the fashion industry.

I use my blog to connect to the world of fashion that I know I’ll be a part of one day. Feel free to leave comments with feedback, or click the "contact" link above to email me.



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