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Dressing up in Daisies

July 14, 2010

My own little Factory in the works...

As you may have noticed, lately I have taken a small break from blogging. This is because I have been very busy on my latest project. This project consists of taking one of the rooms in my house and turning it into my own little art/sewing studio! I'm super excited about it and it is coming along quite nicely!

The room was inspired by the studio that Andy Warhol would work his magic in from 1962 to 1968. Drag queens, musicians, drug addicts, businessmen and women, artists- pretty much anyone who was willing to come and have a good time- came to this factory and helped Andy with his art. There were always movies being filmed, music being played, and pictures being painted in the Factory. Not one day in the Factory was a boring day.

The factory was given the name "The Silver Factory" because Andy had the whole place spray painted silver and covered in aluminum foil. This is where the inspiration for my new art room came in. I thought the silver was such a marvelous idea, that that is the color I painted everything in my new art room! I'm not quite finished yet, but I do indeed have my own little factory in the works thanks to Andy Warhol's genius idea from 48 years ago. So, if the posts on Dressing Up In Daisies come a little slow over the next couple weeks, this would be the reason. :)

"Silver was the future, it was spacey-the astronauts wore silver suits...and their equipment was silver too.  And silver was also the past-the silver screen- Hollywood actresses photographed in silver sets. Silver makes everything disappear." -Andy Warhol

xoxo, Audrey

July 05, 2010

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 Highlights

Alexander McQueen was a man with such talent and so many innovative ideas to bring to the fashion industry. Although he, himself, is gone, his vision is forever living on through his clothing line. Sarah Burton, the new designer of Alexander McQueen, proved with this resort 2011 collection that she is the perfect selection for the job. She has some pretty fabulous shoes to fill, but with this collection, she proved she is well on her way. She kept McQueen's vision alive through keeping McQueen signatures (such as incredible tailoring and structure, and mixing it with rather unexpected elements) present, but she brought some new ideas and aspects to this collection. A stronger sense of light and femininity was present for this show, and people accepted it openly with intrigued minds. I loved the strong shoulders, the good use of lace, and of course, the gorgeous gowns. We all know that there was only one Alexander McQueen, but let's face it; Sarah Burton is the perfect key to unlock a new beginning for this fashion house.

xoxo, Audrey

July 04, 2010

~Coco Chanel Quote~

I LOVE this!

xoxo, Audrey

July 03, 2010

Check Out Lookbook.nu: The Collective Fashion Consciousness!

Fashion inspiration can come from all sorts of different sources- magazines, runway shows, store windows...but one of my personal favorite sources to take fashion inspiration from is people like you and me! I looove to study street style and personal pictures of people's fiercest looks( http://dressingupindaisies.onsugar.com/Sensational-Street-Style-8290985 ). I have recently discovered and fallen in love with a website called "Lookbook". Lookbook is a website where anyone from around the world can post pictures of their looks and share their fabulousness with everyone else! I can feel quite the addiction coming over me towards this website! It mixes photography, fashion, and people, in the most amazing way possible! Be sure to check it out: http://lookbook.nu/#more !

xoxo, Audrey

P.S. I will be posting some of my favorite looks that I find on Lookbook here: http://dressingupindaisies.onsugar.com/Sensational-Street-Style-8290985


June 30, 2010

What Madonna Stands For

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.

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